Why Pioneers?

We live in the Information Age. So “knowledge” is the currency of the 21st Century, right?


In the Stone Age, were the leaders those who had big piles of stones? Of course not. Anyone can gather stones. The leaders were the ones who knew where to find the right kind of stones, how to use those stones to create useful tools, and how to use those tools for the benefit of their families and communities.

At Pioneers, we don’t believe in cramming children’s heads with just facts. We believe in teaching children to be able to find relevant knowledge for themselves when they need it; to be able to use that knowledge to innovate, to build, to create, and to benefit themselves, their families and society.

The world is constantly changing, so we believe that, to be successful, our students will need to continue learning throughout their lives.  Therefore, we equip them to become lifelong learners.

It is no coincidence that Cambridge International believes in these same educational values, so our students are destined for great examination results, too.


We develop our children to understand the need to pursue excellence in everything they do including behavior both at school and outside our school walls. Whether it is a game with friends, an assignment at home, a community participation event; if it is worth your time, then it is worth doing it well. We want our children to leave the doors of Pioneers understanding that for them to achieve their best at anything, it will require on their part dedication, accountability, and continuous practice.


The world is changing and it will require ideas generation and innovation to meet some of the challenges ahead of us. For our children to lead in innovation, they must at minimum leave our doors with a firm foundation in Math, Science, and Arts with social skills and general world knowledge. Our teachers will challenge our students, welcome their ideas and expose them to various developments in the world using a wide range of resources available globally. We also expect our children to be enquirers, listen to people’s’ opinions and ask questions including questioning their own thought process on issues. While individual development is important to us in certain situations, we will expect our children to work together to develop solutions to some of the challenges of our world.


The team of Pioneers is made up of very qualified individuals in fields of Education, Law, Science and Business who want to make a contribution in preparing Africa’s children for the world. We have, as a team, over 30 years of experience in education in the United Kingdom, United States and several countries in Africa  with a firm understanding of what works and what doesn’t work. We continue to develop our team to ensure that we are abreast with changes globally and make appropriate adjustment to meet student development needs.

Parental Engagement

You can play an active role in your child’s education and we welcome our parents to do just that.