Why is Pioneers the Best for Your Child's Bright Future?

As the old people wisely state, “Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” Similarly, choosing the right school is like traveling on the right train that stops at the station from which you belong. Therefore, Pioneer School stands in the row of fabulous educational institutes as their top priority is to nurture the children and prepare them for a bright future. In addition, we know the children’s brain is an empty slate and the pioneer school fills the slate with cognitive skills, and creative and critical thinking by facilitating them with advanced, creative and holistic teaching methods.

Building and Facilities

Pioneer School is structured on the foundation of modern campuses, their designs, teaching methods and an optimistic environment. They facilitate children with spacious classrooms with advanced technology, a large library with a vast variety of books, science labs, high-tech computer labs, art and music rooms with famous artists, and clean and sanitized restrooms. They make sure to keep the children mentally and physically healthy by providing playgrounds, bounce, a swimming pool and a greener environment. They observe and analyze students’ natural skills to nourish them based on their incredibly creative minds and rational minds.
Teaching Techniques

Teaching Techniques

Teaching Techniques

Teaching methodology is as important as choosing the right school for your children. Pioneer School provides the students with intellectual teachers who teach them with an emergence of traditional and modern perspectives. They hone in on practical ways rather than focusing on merely theory.

As a result, the blend of practical and theoretical learning not only educates them but also gives them the confidence to stand in social gatherings and events and represent themselves confidently. 

They assign practical and theory-based projects after grouping the students. Through this technique, the students actively participate, collaborate and socialize with other students. They share their ideas and learn how to cooperate on a professional level with their teammates.

Approaches to Integrating Advanced Technology and Techniques

2 Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR)

Immersive Learning Experiences: Pioneer schools use Virtual and Augmented reality technologies to provide students with realistic learning space. Through these technologies, they teach the students about history, civilization, planets and space, about the human body and its function.


  • They provide realistic learning through virtual reality to stamp it on their brain slate.
  • They also help to absorb difficult and knotty concepts through VR and AR technology.
  • The students experience stuff like going on the adventurous journey to the spaceship and seeing beautiful stars and planets with giggling eyes through these high-tech devices.

Smart Classrooms

Interactive Learning: The school management and Esther Awovi Akafia Founder and CEO have designed the classrooms with comfortable chairs and desks and updated editions of books for different subjects to create collaborative learning with emerging technology.

The teachers engage the students smartly in the classroom by asking for their suggestions, feedback, and real-time quizzes and assigning them presentations and assignments. They also test their capabilities and cognitive mind by asking for quick answers.

Learning Through Strategic and Management Games

Game-Based Learning: Pioneer School implements tactics and management gaming into their teaching methodology, to enhance their cognitive abilities, sophisticate elements in their personalities and socializing capabilities. For example, games like Duolingo, Clash of Clans, Prodigy Math, The Rise of Kingdom, Puzzle games and many more.


  • Sharpen their management skills
  • Elevate collaborative and decision-making abilities in the students.
  • They also adapt practical methods by following theoretical concepts to make the students understand every aspect of the assigned topics.

Example Integration:

  • Clash of Clans: In these games, the players need to strategically organize and place their defense and resource buildings to protect their base. The players earn their in-game resources like gold, elixir, and gems. They need to spend them carefully for the upgradation of different buildings and troops.

Holistic Development

Pioneers not only focus on the outer world education but also appreciate educating the students regarding their soul with holistic aspects and approaches. They provide dedicated and passionate artist-teachers, coaches, musicians etc. These activities and teaching help the students recognize their natural abilities, their interest and their passionate feelings for specific professional fields for their future careers. They get trained to be future-influencing speakers and multi-tasking leaders.
Supportive Community

Supportive Community

Supportive Community
Pioneer School not only focuses on the modern and advanced environment provided to the students but also creates a supportive community for them. So, parents, students and teachers cope with the toxic and alarming situation either they are regarding their mental instability, family problems, school problems, bullying and abusive behaviour among some students due to the discrimination of race, colour and class.


Shakespear said, “I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks.” By marking the words of Shakespeare, the pioneer school educates their students and prepares them for a better future by providing them with all the things a child requires to be a highly developed personality or figure in their particular skills. Their support makes their students always be grateful to their educational institutes.