Welcome to Pioneers International Academy. It is my hope that you will find a brief insight into what we offer you as a parent seeking a high-quality education that prepares your child for the world and the many opportunities and challenges that await them. I founded Pioneers out of a deep-seated passion, to provide quality affordable elementary education in Africa starting with Ghana.

As a parent with a young child I want him to succeed and be able to excel anywhere in the world and also attain the capacity to make a difference wherever he finds himself. I am sure that you also want that and more for your child. It is with this in mind that we choose the Cambridge International Curriculum as our basic curriculum of learning. We have also added additional lessons in Leadership, Innovation and Community development to inspire your child to want to contribute in this world. We also recognize that children learn a lot through play and by experimenting with various tools. We have accordingly partnered with  Intellitek and the Lego Education Foundation to introduce Ghana and West Africa’s first Lego Innovation studio. At our Innovation Center, children are encouraged to be creative, sketch, design and construct some of the modern tools for the needs of our generation. These range from motorized solar systems, windmills, airplanes, vehicles and a lot more. Our focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math ensures that our young learners’ right from childhood enjoy these areas of learning and see this as potential areas where they can also make a contribution. We want to partner with you in ensuring the success of your children including giving them a firm academic foundation.

Our Goal

Our goal is to replicate our schools in many areas of need across Ghana and beyond and we are delighted that you are part of this unique mission. As a parent, our well-resourced library and playground is open for you to also come with your child on weekends and after school to use.  We have a highly qualified and committed team with degrees and experiences from the United Kingdom, United States, Uganda, Nigeria , Mali and Ghana. If our philosophy resonates with you then I encourage you to visit us or call us and let’s work together to prepare your child for the world.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

Esther Awovi Akafia