Utilizing Games as a Teaching Approach

Utilizing Games as a Teaching Approach Wise people state that” Game is our brain’s favourite way of learning and games give the children a chance to practice what they learn”. Considering this advice, the education system adopts the games in its teaching methodology. Games are not created for merely entertainment purposes but also to educate […]

Puzzle Games

Puzzle Games: Enhancing Cognitive Skills in the Education System In the entertainment realm where the throne is of the gaming industry, the puzzle game is superior among the other games as it is designed on the traditional riddle pattern. These riddles and puzzle games develop the cognitive skills in the children and help their brains […]

Duolingo: Revolutionizing Language Learning

Duolingo: Revolutionizing Language Learning Duolingo is a language learning app, developed by Luis Von Ahn and Severin Hacker. Through this app, the players learn multiple languages. It is accessible to anyone who has an internet connection or device. It promotes multilingualism and multi-cultures. 1.2 billion people are learning multiple languages on the Duolingo app and […]

Clash of Clans: The Ultimate Mobile Strategy Game

Clash of Clans: The Ultimate Mobile Strategy Game The Supercell company officially developed the Clash of Clans game in 2012. The game is technical and complex, offering various new content, seasons, temporary troops, heroes, etc. The best part of this game is that the game’s seasons & events are based on real-world events and global […]

Why Pioneers is the Best

Why is Pioneers the Best for Your Child’s Bright Future? As the old people wisely state, “Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.” Similarly, choosing the right school is like traveling on the right train that stops at the station from which you belong. Therefore, Pioneer School stands in the row of […]

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