Pioneers International Academy Summer School

Date: 20th July – 21st August 2020
Early Years: (Age Group 2-5 years)

3 Exciting Packages

Virtual Summer

Private Lessons (Pioneers teacher in your home) (TYH)

Special Needs (Virtual or private lessons) (SNL)

PRIMARY (Age Group: 6 – 14 years)

Programmes/Subjects: (Virtual Engagements)

  1. STEM (Science Technology  Engineering & Mathematics)
  2. Summer Sums & More (Math)
  3. Business Plan Competition
  4. Writing and Public speaking

STEM (Science Technology  Engineering & Mathematics)

How well can you prove the Science behind; Invisible ink, The floating of golf ball, Determining the air space in an egg, Pencil electricity, Magic square, Number TIC TAC TOE and many more? Let’s have these and more investigated this summer.


This Summer program focuses more on the activities for better appreciation of Mathematics by the Learners themselves. This is packed with Maths club ideas, tip and tricks. All activities and projects reinforces the foundation/basic mathematics concepts in the best ways and forms. Let’s play with;The marshmallow tooth pick geometry activity, Make and name shapes, Math Songs, Math jokes and Math poems.


Writing skills are important part of communications and a great writing skill allows one to communicate any message with clarity and ease to a larger audience. But in today’s technology-driven world, kids aren’t given many opportunities to practice and improve their ability to write. This leaves many parents wondering how to improve their child’s writing skills. Let’s get this challenge solved with you this summer. Our learners should write and speak as expected!

Business Plan Competition (BPC)

Can we have some you and other scholars channel your zeal and passion to solve challenges affecting less privileged peers like you in small groups? How about becoming that star that gives hope to some deprived young ones who cannot think outside the box but wait helplessly for unknown help? Let’s compete for some honors this summer.