Pioneers was founded out of a deep-seated vision to make quality education accessible to Ghana and Africa’s children and prepare them for the world. While the vision was nurtured at an early stage, the experience of knowing we could be part of the solution was nurtured at Colorado State University.

The place is Colorado State University, USA. The year is 2010. A group of MBA students is studying for their MBA in Global Social Sustainable Enterprise. A question is posed to the class by one of the professors. “What do you think sucks in the world?” Several hands shoot up, suggesting issues relating to the environment, poverty reduction, education, waste management and others. But that is not the end of the question. He asks again, “What do you think is the solution to these issues?” We venture ideas. Then, just when we think we were done he asks the really big question; “So what are you going to do about it?” Pioneers International Academy was our response to that question.

Over our 4 years of existence, we’ve served Learners of varied ability, including those with special learning equipment, and challenged them to excellence in everything. As we focus ahead, our goal is to develop character driven leaders who will be ready to lead Ghana, Africa’s and the world’s future.


Quality affordable elementary education in Africa is limited in many places, including Ghana. Often families and children travel an hour each way for good schools. Children are leaving their homes at 6am and sometimes earlier and getting home late with little or no time for play or family time. Pioneers International Academy is born out of the belief that quality affordable elementary education can be brought to the doorstep of parents.