Foundational Stage

From age 2 to 3 years old, our focus at Pioneers is a nurturing approach that gives each child the foundation to develop into a happy, confident learner who is prepared for success in school and life. We encourage fun while learning, individualized development and instill values of kindness, respect and accountability at this critical stage of the child’s life. To enable our children to be early readers and learners we introduce each child to reading, writing, storytelling, basic science and mathematics using resources in Highscope preschool curriculum, Zoo phonics, Handwriting without Tears, and our Technology & Lego innovation center.

Kindergarten/ Reception

From age 4 and 5 we build on the foundational skills of each child and further enhance their exposure and interest in literacy, science, math, arts, community development, leadership, technology and languages. Children are also introduced to typing and computer use at this stage with an emphasis on using technology to enhance their learning and development. While we expect our children to progress at similar levels we recognize that each child is different and some children may require additional attention and/ or programs to enable them thrive better. Pioneers will work with parents to provide that additional support to ensure that their child’s specific educational and developmental needs are addressed. For additional information or questions with regards to your child’s specific needs please contact

Primary school stage

From age 5 – 6, Primary year 1, children are introduced to the Cambridge Primary Curriculum. The child’s progress is closely monitored and assessed against appropriate age performance standards. Utmost encouragement and help is provided for children to attain their full potential.

Focused on a whole-child development, proper attention is given to the social development, skills, knowledge and understanding that children need to interact efficiently in a complex and changing world.  The foundation built in Reading, Writing, Science, History, Geography, Mathematics and Information & Communications Technology is further enhanced through a system of practical applications, supported by a positive and stimulating learning environment.

Children learn best when they actively participate in the learning process. Learning through structured play and a regular programme of field trips forms an integral part of the primary school program. Supported by a well-resourced library and computer facilities, students are encouraged to explore and develop their natural abilities and talents.