Clash of Clans: The Ultimate Mobile Strategy Game

The Supercell company officially developed the Clash of Clans game in 2012. The game is technical and complex, offering various new content, seasons, temporary troops, heroes, etc. The best part of this game is that the game’s seasons & events are based on real-world events and global situations. 

For example, they introduced the Dragon Festival, an important cultural event celebrated by the Chinese. Launching these kinds of events and seasons educates the players about various nationalities, cultural identities, ethnicities and historical backgrounds of different nations.

These games enhance critical thinking, mental creativity, teamwork skills, patience, multi-tasking, decision-making capabilities and many more. All these skills are the treasure of your future career.

Clash of Clans: The Ultimate Mobile Strategy Game

The strategic game, Clash of Clans is designed on different kinds of buildings. In this game players start building, unlocking, and upgrading these buildings. By doing this, they expand their village.

Town Hall

Every chief of the Clash of Clans owns a Town Hall. This building is known as the heart of the village. Chief upgraded this building to achieve a higher level. However, the upgrading of the town hall requires unlocking of various buildings.

Resource Collectors and Storages

Gold mines, elixir collectors, dark elixir drills, gold storages, elixir storages and dark elixir storages, etc. are the resource buildings. These are used to produce and collect in-game currency.

Defensive Buildings

Cannons, archer towers, mortars, eagle artillery, wizard towers, bomb towers, inferno towers, ricochet cannons, air defenses, air sweepers, walls, x-bows and monoliths etc. are the defense buildings. These buildings are utilized to protect your town hall and builder hall base layouts from the opponent’s attacks.

Builder Hall

Every player gets a separate village from the home village whenever reaches town hall level 4. It opens the doors to a new strategy with new ideas like versus battles and repairing broken buildings to get upgrades.

Army Buildings

Army camps, barracks, clan castles, dark barracks, barracks and a spell factory are the army buildings. These are responsible for training your troops and preparing the army for wars and battles.

Other Buildings

Other buildings include a blacksmith, laboratory, workshop, pet house and builder’s huts. These buildings support your army and heroes.
In these games, the players need to strategically organize and place their defense and resource buildings to protect their base. Training of the army is also a crucial step while playing the games.

Resource Management

Resource Management

The Clash of Clans game is a little complex. The players earn their in-game resources like gold, elixir, and gems. They need to spend them carefully for the upgradation of different buildings and troops. In addition, if they spend most of their gold upgrading the walls then it’s going to be an alarming situation for them. 

Clash of Clans fandom pages and social media forums teach the players about how to utilize the resources effectively. They will learn how to handle the financial situation in the real world and the gaming world. They will also learn how to cope with their economic crisis in the real world and also in this gaming world. The games also build leadership skills in the players.

Resource Management

Troops and Heroes: The Backbone of Your Army

This strategic game owns a variety of troops with their thrilling and incredible powers. These troops are divided into four categories.

  • Troops: Ordinary troops include barbarians, archers, wizards, wall breakers, goblins, giants, dragons, electro dragons, baby dragons, balloons and many more.
  • Dark Troops: Dark troops include, Minions, lava hounds, bowlers, hog riders, valkyries, golems, witches, ice golems, headhunters and apprentice wardens.
  • Super Troops: Super troops are attaining special powers. Their attack damage is also more than ordinary troops. Super troops include super barbarians, super archers, sneaky goblins, super miners, ice hounds, super hog riders, super wall breakers, super dragons, super minions, inferno dragons, rocket balloons etc.
  • Temporary Troops: These are available in the game when a new season or event is launched. It includes barbarian kickers, giant throwers, ice wizards, witch golems, hog wizards and many more. However, these temporary troops can’t stay permanently in the game. They will leave with the end of the seasons and events.
  • Epic Heroes: Epic heroes are stronger than other armies. They have unique equipment with strong abilities. These epic heroes include the archer queen, barbarian king, grand warden and royal champion. All these heroes also have a pet with incredible abilities.
Gameplay and Strategy

Gameplay and Strategy

Gameplay and Strategy
In these games, the players need to strategically organize and place their defense and resource buildings to protect their base. Training of the army is also a crucial step while playing the games. There are two kinds of gameplay strategies. 
  • Offensive strategy.
  • Defensive strategy.

Offensive Strategy

If you want to be the master of the clash of clans, you need to adapt offensive and defensive strategies. In the offensive strategy, players attack on the base of the opponent to steal the in-game currency and trophies. We deploy our strongest troops including air troops and heroes to attack his resources and defense buildings.

Defensive Strategies

In defensive strategy, we place the buildings and train the troops in a way to strongly defend our village from the attacks of the opponent. We place the walls around the Town Hall and other buildings. We also put some buildings outside these walls to buy time from the opponents to recognize his strategy. We also slow down the attack of the opponent by deploying hidden troops including air bombs, bombs, hidden teslas, springs and so on.


Playing this strategic game develops skills like critical thinking, multi-tasking, and problem-solving capabilities. Clash of Clans also make the players sophisticated, intuitive and judgmental. The players can play these games with their friends and family which not only entertains the players but also makes their relationships strong. They can also make new foreign friends through these games to indulge themselves in multicultural and multilingual environments. Using this kind of game in teaching methodology is the best way to help your children in socializing and grooming.